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Bayhead Ward meeting - This is a summary of what happened at the meeting held in the Bowling Club on the 18th of April

A good number of people attended this meeting as on the agenda was the student accommodation building proposed at the corner of Stag Road

In attendance were representatives from the architects. and also from the council planning department, along with agents from UHI.

The meeting was opened by the councillor f0r the ward and in doing so introduced Keith Bray who gave a report of the procedures to be followed if someone wanted to appeal the planning application.

A number of people wanted to know why that site was proposed and also the design of the building, objections also came from the residents of the Kirk Care Home beside the site.

There were so many points taken up as to the suitability of a building and of that type being built there and also the height of it, but the reps from the company involved gave their views too, but emphasised that all the complaints would be considered and a report would go to the council planning department.

Those who were in attendance thought the the meeting was of great value, and were more versed in the procedures to lodging an objection to the proposed building.

Keith Bray closed the meeting, telling those present that their objections would be given due consideration, stressing the point that the councillors would also have their say.


Harris Induction - The induction of Rev. Iain Smith to the Harris Free Church (Continuing) Congregation is due to take place in Leverburgh Free Church (kindly loaned) on Friday 6th May at 7.00pm (D.V.).

The Moderator of Presbytery, Rev. Alasdair J. Macleod, is expected to preach. The Presbytery will meet at 6.30pm in the church hall. The reception will be held in the local school.

We covet the prayers of the Lord’s people for His blessing upon the induction, and especially upon the Minister and Congregation.


Livestock sale - Lochmaddy, Dingwall & Highland Marts Ltd., (April, 22nd) sold 50 store cattle, 1 adult head of breeding cattle, 5 OTM cattle and 68 store sheep.

“A good show of grazing cattle on offer met a strong demand, selling at similar averages to last year’s sale”

Bullocks (23) averaged 220.6p and sold to 263.6p per kg for a 330kg Limousin cross from Hastain, Bayhead, and £1,030 gross for a 480kg Limousin cross from Dunskellar, Sollas.

Heifers (27) averaged 201.2p and sold to 246.8p per kg for a 385kg Limousin cross from Dunskellar, Sollas, and £950 gross, (twice) for a 385kg Limousin cross, & a pair of 450kg Limousin crosses from the same seller.

Breeding cattle (one) sold to £980 gross for a Luing cross cow with male calf at foot from 13 Rushgarry, Berneray.

OTM cattle (5) sold to £1,000 gross for a 950kg Shorthorn cross from 9 Clachan Sands, Lochmaddy.

Store lambs (28) sold to £50 gross for Cheviots from Bagh na craoibhe, Lochmaddy.

Ewes (34) sold to £66 gross for Crosses from 18 Illeray, Baleshare

Rams and wedders (6) sold to £60 for a Texel ram from 12 Locheport, Carinish.

Other leading prices per head and per kg:

Bullocks 201-250kg – 10 Borve, Berneray, £500, 8 Borve, Berneray, 223.3p; 301-350kg – Hastain, £870, 4 Borve, Berneray, 249.2p; 351-400kg – 9 Clachan Sands, £930, Dunskellar, 240.5p; 401-450kg – Dunskellar, £980, 236.1p.

Heifers 201-250kg – 8 Borve, £540, 220.4p; 251-300kg – 7 Grenitote, Sollas, £660, 220.0p 301-350kg – Hastain, £810, 234.8p; 351-400kg –Dunskellar, £790, 219.4p; 401-450kg – Dunskellar, £940, 223.8p.


Gaelic Service - The next Gaelic Service in the Dingwall Community Centre on Tulloch Street will be on Sunday the 1st of May. On this occasion the Rev K. D. Macleod who is minister in Invergordon Church of Scotland will conduct the worship.

The service to which all are welcome begins at the usual time of 3:00pm .


Boarding experiences - People living in Stornoway who stayed in a boarding hostel or residential school in Scotland when they were young are being invited to share their experience with the National Confidential Forum.

A number of people across Scotland’s islands have taken up the opportunity in response to a recent local press advertising campaign.

The National Confidential Forum was set up in August 2014 to listen to the experience of anyone who spent time in institutional care as a child in Scotland, including boarding hostels and schools, residential schools, residential care and health service.

What individuals share with the Forum will help it make recommendations on how care can be improved in the future.

To date, the majority of individuals who have spoken to the Forum lived in residential children’s homes and they are keen to hear from those people who spent time in boarding hostels and residential schools to ensure they capture a broad picture of the different types of care in Scotland.

Dr Rachel Happer, Head of the National Confidential Forum explained: “We know that many people living in Scotland’s islands spent time away from home while they attended school during the week due to distance and travel.

“We are encouraging these people to get in touch with us and tell us about their experience of being at a boarding hostel or residential school.

“We want to know what worked well and what did not work well so that we can create a record of care in Scotland and help suggest ways we can make it better for children and young people now and in future.

“People who have already taken part have shared positive, negative and mixed experiences – some people have talked about their overall experience, while some people have chosen to tell us about single moments that impacted on their experience.

“It is entirely up to the individual what they tell us.”

Individuals who want to take part in the Forum must be over 16 years old and no longer in care.

The care could have been run by a local authority, health board, a private provider or a charity. The Forum does not include foster or kinship care.

For more information on the National Confidential Forum, go to www.nationalconfidentialforum.org.uk

Pictured is Heathbank Hotel on the Isle of Barra which has been sold by Colliers International. An island resident has acquired the hotel and plans to continue operating and managing the business along similar lines, while looking to extend the season of opening.