Butt to Barra District News 23.10.14

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Pictured are the new Primary One pupils from the P1/2 composite class at the Stornoway Primary. SGD27344.


Sympathy from Ness - Relatives and friends in Ness were sad when the news came from Cumbria that Grace Morrison, nee McGlasson, had passed away in a hospital there on the 29th of September.

Grace, who was aged 90 was the wife of the late John Morrison Iain Thalm, formerly of 35 Eoropie, who died in December 2010.

Through the years Grace had been a regular visitor to Eoropie at times of holiday.

The funeral was in Cumbria on Thursday 9th October, from Ness we share and extend our sympathy to her son Donald, his wife Jane, and the grandchildren in Cumbria and all other relatives and friends at home and away who mourn in this bereavement.

Latha Na Ceisd - On the Friday of the recent Ness communion the scripture texts given out for the men to speak on were as follows.

In the Free Presbyterian church the text given by John Angus Murray, elder Cross Skigersta road, was Isaiah Chapter 12 verse 2.

In the Free Church continuing, Donald Morrison, Elder Swainbost, gave his text from the 13th chapter of Sechariah, verse 9.

In Cross Free Church Donald Maclean, elder Cross Skigersta, gave his text from the first epistle of Peter, chapter 2 verse 10.

One new member in Cross Free Church was added to the professing church in Ness at this time.

Correction - In the item Cross Skigersta death in this column on Thursday 9th October, we regret that the name of Morris, a son of the deceased Donald Murray Macleod was inadvertently omitted from the mourning close family members.

Award to Coinneach - From Ness we send our congratulations and good wishes to Kenneth Maciver, Coinneach mor of Back, and Prosrah Choinnich, following his recent visit to Buckingham Palace where he was presented with the award of the O.B.E.


Post Mod Ceilidh: Get a flavour of last week’s National Mod in Inverness, by coming to Balallan Hall, this Friday the 24th October.

Local competitors practised hard for months, to represent the Isle of Lewis by competing against performers from all over Scotland.

Show your appreciation of their dedication, by coming along to see them perform at the Balallan Hall ceilidh beginning at 7.30pm.

Among the singers, musicians and dancers lined up, are Lochs Gaelic Choir (winners of the Puirt a Beul Competition Rural Choirs 2014 ) Ronnie Murray (Conductor of Lochs Choir and competitor) Alice MacMillan from Point (traditional singer and fiddle player).

The Begg family South Lochs (Recitation and Singing Competitors).

Ewan Ferguson from Laxay will play the chanter and young local Highland Dancers who competed and won prizes, at the Mod and at the recent National Dancing Competitions, will give Highland Dancing displays.

Shonnie Beag MacMillan from Lemreway and Point of the evergreen voice, will be singing some of the Lochies songs spanning the first 40 years of the famous Gaelic folk band.

A wealth of entertainment on your doorstep, do come and support the Hall committee’s dedication to the growth of local culture bringing old and young voices together.

Admission is £5 for adults and £2 for children with tea and home baking at half time.

Well done to Torcuil Macleod Ranish and Stornoway who competed in the Mens Traditional Medal Finals and to Melissa Jeffrey Gravir on being placed in the Bagpipe 16-18 Open Competiton and to all other Mod competitors with Lochs connections Sin sibh pèin!

Poppy Workshop - Make your own poppy for next month’s Rememberance Day.

The felting workshop with Rosanne Macleod, will be at the Community Centre in Leurbost on Thursday 30th October at 7.30pm.

This is one of Comann Eachdraidh Ceann a Tuath nan Loch’s activities and a warm welcome is extended to everyone interested.


Sad News – Sad news was received at 8 Carishader recently with the passing of Mrs Mary Bridge in Ontario, Canada.

Aged 86, she was the last surviving member of the family of the late Kenneth and Mary Macleod, 8 Carishader, and had emigrated as a war bride in 1946.

She and her husband settled on his family’s ranch in Wroxetter, Ontario, where she was an active and hard-working partner in their mixed farming business.

She came back to Uig for a three-month stay some five years after emigrating and was back twice more over the years.

Her last overseas trip, accompanied by her daughter, was to Australia where her late sister, Annie, was celebrating her 90th birthday.

Although in declining health for some years, her last illness was brief. She leaves a family of six to grieve over her passing.

The sympathy of the community is extended to sister-in-law, Mrs Katy Mary Macleod at Carishader and to nieces and nephews elsewhere.

Interment – On Tuesday the 14th, the funeral of the late Miss Margaret Macleod, of Nicolson Road, Stornoway and at one time of 10 Breanish, came to Ardroil Cemetery, following a service at St Columba’s Church, Stornoway.

The Rev William Heenan, minister of St Columba’s officiated at the graveside.

Aged 97, Margaret Macleod was the last surviving member of a family from Breanish, who moved to Stornoway a very long time ago.

The sympathy of the community is extended to her relatives.

Communions – The autumn communion services will be held in both congregations, Church of Scotland and Free Presbyterian, twice daily over the next weekend, from Thursday 30th to Sunday, the 2nd of November.

Both congregations look forward to hearing visiting preachers and to welcoming friends from other areas.


Chance to Shine - For the last week of October 2014, the Volunteer Centre is inviting people over the age of 50 to call into one of their offices and to try out a fun, interactive on- line system that will help them identify ways in which they might shine.

The SHINE quick quiz helps people to explore ways of getting more active and using their interests to make a positive contribution to both their own health and the health of the community at large.

SHINE is part of a pilot project called Living it Up, which is run by the NHS and is being trialled in four parts of Scotland over three years.

The project is in its final year in the Western Isles, and staff of the Volunteer Centre have been working closely with LiU project staff to help promote this innovative system.

“The aim of SHINE is to inspire you to do more of the things you enjoy and it is a fun way of taking a look at what might be of help to an individual,” explained Kirsty Macdonald, joint manager of the VCWI.

“Our staff are always keen to find ways to support and encourage people to get active and get involved in things that will give them satisfaction and a sense of self worth.

“Volunteering is an important way of doing this, and we have been working with the LiU project to look at other ways people might find their way into volunteering.

By taking part in the quiz, you can see what might be of interest to you – and this might include volunteering, as well as other options.

“Many people enjoy doing one of those quizzes that tells them what they are good at, and this one has been developed just for people over 50 who are wanting to change their life in some positive way.”

Volunteer Centre offices will be open as usual in Northbay, Balivanich, Tarbert, Lionel and Stornoway in the week of the 27th – 31st October and the public are invited to call in during opening hours to try out the SHINE system.

It only takes a short time to have a look at the website and then try out the quiz, and staff will be on hand to assist.

There is no obligation to undertake any commitments as a result of taking part, but VCWI staff hope that the activity will give useful feedback to participants and help offer some positive steps to follow up.

The Volunteer Centre can be contacted at 95, Cromwell Street, Stornoway. Tel 01851 700366 E mail: stornoway@volunteeringwesternisles.co.uk or check out the web site at www.volunteeringwesternisles.co.uk


Livestock sale - Stornoway , Dingwall and Highland Marts Ltd., (October, 16th) sold 1,275 sheep.

Store lambs (565) averaged £36.37 and sold to £60 gross for a Blackfaces from 17 Habost, Ness.

Ewes & gimmers (613) sold to £85 gross for Cheviot ewes from 10 Sand Street, Stornoway.

Rams & wedders (97) sold to £140 gross for a Cheviot ram from 1 Sheildinish, Lochs.

Other leading prices per head:

Lambs: Chev – 42 Garrabost, Point, £59, 11 Newmarket, £57, 20B North Dell, and 1 Cameron Terrace, Leurbost, £55.50; Cross – 34 Lower Barvas, £56, 20 Habost, £50.50, 8 Swainbost, £50; BF – 6 Brue, £55, 17 Habost, £48, 36 South Dell, £45; SuffX – 20B North Dell, £44.

Gimmers: Chev – 10 Sand Street, £84; Cross – 8 Swainbost, £74; BF – 37 Vatisker, £74, 50 Back, £71.

Ewes: Chev – 2A Back, £78, 8 Sand Street, £65, 10 Sand Street, and 18 Leurbost, £64; BF – 17 Habost, £74, 46 Lower Barvas, £72, 7 Ivorhill, £62; Cross – 10A Holm, £71.

Wedders/Rams: BF ram – 37 Vatisker, £100, £90; Chev ram – 7 Aird, £76, 2 Scaladale, £75, Struan Cottage, £62; Tex ram – 10A Holm, £72, 18 Cross, £67, 16 North Bragar, £65; Suff ram – 4 Upper End, £67; BF wdr – 81 Cross Skigersta Road, £55, 4 Leacklee, Harris, £54, Caiream, Grosebay, £52.


Drop in session - Hub North Scotland, the driving force behind the planning, procurement and delivery of community-based infrastructure projects across the north of Scotland, will give residents of Barra the chance to learn more about its work by holding a drop-in session on the island.

The drop-in will take place from 10am on Thursday, October 23 at the Barra Learning Centre and will see representatives from hub North Scotland answer questions and provide information on its work and future plans for the island.

Hub North Scotland is the development partner of NHS Western Isles and the Western Isles Council and will be heavily involved with the planning, procurement and delivery of the new healthcare project on Barra which is set to replace St Brendan’s Hospital at Horve, by Castlebay.

Jill Adie, business development manager of hub North Scotland, is looking ahead to the drop-in session.

She said: “Community engagement is something hub North places a great importance upon and we’re really encouraging people to get involved with the session on Barra.

“Our representatives will be present to offer information on our work and future plans; we really want to give an insight into hub North and what we can do.”

“We’re always keen to engage with local residents who will ultimately use the finished facilities as well as businesses who could be involved with the project in the future as part of the local supply chain.

“There are a number of potential opportunities that individuals and businesses can get involved with and we’d be delighted to explain more about how they can do this.”

Hub North Scotland has a £435m development pipeline for the next 10 years, with 14 developments worth £300m already underway.