Cadets’ first aid training

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The Western Isles Company of the 1st Battalion the Highlanders ACF recently held some first aid training at the Army Reserve Centre in Stornoway.

Members from Stornoway, Back, West Lewis and Harris Detachments learned some very valuable first aid and life saving skills.

Major Norman Macleod, the OC of Western isles company, said: “First Aid is a core skill taught to all cadets, and we arm the cadet one one very valuable tool that can be used in there own family and the wider community.

“All vadets who join the ACF are taught emergency life support using the British heart foundation heartstart module.

“Moving on in their cadet career they can then gain a recognised certificate in first aid from St Johns ambulance (a UK wide certificate rather than just Scottish) and this could turn out to be a very useful addition to any young person’s CV.”

If you require any more information on this and many other things the ACF can do for you or your children why not pop along to your local ACF for more details.