Cairdean Cordal Cheann a’Loch celebrates 20 years

Celebrating friendship
Celebrating friendship

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year is the Cairdean Cordal Cheann a’Loch.

The Kinloch Friends group was first established in June 1994 and celebrated its anniversary last month at a Coffee Evening and Raffle in Balallan Hall.

A delicious birthday cake was donated by Donnie Macleod, Laxay, for the celebrations.

Pictured are: Eta MacDonald (20 year member); Nora Matheson (three year member); Jessie Mackenzie (20 year member); Christine MacAulay (20 year member); Betty Macleod (20 year member) and Marion MacLennan (one year member).

Speaking of the recent 20th anniversary celebration in Balallan Hall, Jessie Mackenzie said: “It was a great night with a lot of stuff going on and a big crowd in the hall which is always good to see.
“We all had a lot of fun and we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who donated to the raffle for the evening, there were lots of great prizes.”