Call to put a stop to ferry tender

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Highlands and Islands MSP and Scottish (Labour) Transport spokesperson, David Stewart, lead a debate in Parliament today (Wednesday) calling for the CalMac tender process to be stopped.

Mr Stewart said that the SNP voted against Labour’s call in the Scottish Parliament, to halt the CalMac privatisation process, despite (Labour) pointing to legal advice that they could do so without any liabilities.

He added that it emerged during the debate that the SNP had previously promised in opposition, that they would not put the contract out to tender

Scottish (Labour) Transport spokesperson David Stewart said: “CalMac is more than just a ferry service, it’s part of the DNA of island communities, linking families and friends together.

“Scottish (Labour) believes that this service is better served in public hands.

“That is why we forced a debate to keep CalMac public, and when push came to shove we saw that the SNP would rather side with big business than island communities.

“The SNP promised in opposition that they wouldn’t tender the services and then did a U-turn in government.

“Flip flopping on the ferries is bad enough, hiding behind the EU despite (Labour) showing legal advice that privatisation could be halted at no cost is a cowardly way to break a promise.

“The island communities deserve better than this from the SNP Government. After eight years in office and a majority in parliament there is no excuse for them to keep CalMac public.”

Pictured are Labour’s David Stewart (far right) and Labour Leader Kezia Dugdale (second left) who debated the issue in the Scottish Parliament today.