CalMac assure jobs are safe

CalMac have made assurances that there will be no implications for jobs following a review of customer call handling at the port offices in Harris and Lochmaddy.

The ferry operator has decided to take the two island port offices out of the telecoms loop for the 0800 CalMac numbers.

A CalMac spokesperson said staff at the offices ‘will still take calls to the port so there are no implications for jobs’. He added: “It’s a slight change to function, that’s all.”

Asked why the changes have been implemented the spokesperson continued: “By taking away general calls that are not port-specific, port staff are available to answer port calls that are deemed more specialised due to the requirement for local knowledge.

“The decision to remove 0800 calls therefore enables us to ensure that port customers’ calls are handled more effectively and efficiently.”

He also clarified that the port operational hours to support customer sailings will remain unchanged.