Campaign for Yes to Independence vote launches

Supporters attending the recent meeting with Jennifer Dempsie pictured second from the left.
Supporters attending the recent meeting with Jennifer Dempsie pictured second from the left.

The inaugural meeting of Yes: Na h-Eileanan an Iar to campaign locally for a Yes vote in the independence referendum was held at County Hotel, Stornoway on Friday.

An invited audience of around 50 people who had signed the Declaration for Scottish Independence heard Deputy Marketing Director, Jennifer Dempsie, from Leverburgh, Isle of Harris, outline how Yes

Scotland aimed to deliver a majority Yes vote in 2014 by building the largest community-based campaign in Scotland’s history.

She said: “This is the biggest and most important decision that Scotland will ever have to make about the future of our country. It is the people’s referendum and the people’s campaign and it will be won at grass-roots

level from right here on the Isle of Lewis to the villages, towns and cities across Scotland.”

Yes Scotland Ltd was formally established on May 25 this year as an inclusive umbrella organisation for people of different political colours and none, but who share the fundamental goal of delivering independence

in two years’ time.

From its headquarters in Glasgow, Yes Scotland will provide support for a network of local campaign groups which is being established throughout the country.

Yes: Na h-Eileanan an Iar is only the second local group in Scotland to be inaugurated.

Jennifer Dempsie added: “The fact the Yes: Na h-Eileanan an lar nan is the second group to be launched in the country shows the commitment from volunteers the breadth of these islands.

“I’ve been impressed by the enthusiasm of the volunteers here to make the positive case for an independent Scotland and I look forward to joining them in that task. It is a great start to the campaign on the islands and sets a high benchmark for local groups now launching throughout Scotland.”