Candidates names revealed for Stornoway Trust Election

The names of the candidates standing for election to the Stornoway Trust at the end of this month have been revealed.

Thursday, 15th March 2018, 12:34 pm
Updated Thursday, 15th March 2018, 12:38 pm

There are 22 candidates altogether – more than twice as many candidates as stood for the Trust in the last election in 2015 – and three of them are women.

The 22 candidates in the Stornoway Trust election are:

George Banks, 12 Battery Park Road, Stornoway. Proposed by Donald Mackenzie and Jim Warnock.

Murdo F Campbell, 11a Portnaguran, Point. Proposed by Christina A Macleod and Norman Mackenzie.

Sam Deane, 2 Plantation Road, Stornoway. Proposed by Hereward Proops and Caroline Brick.

Peter Dickie, 3a Maryhill. Proposed by Vivien Mackenzie and James Macaulay.

Susanne Erbida, 27 Torquil Terrace, Stornoway. Proposed by Paul Westwood and Barbara Wirth.

Martin Flett, 18 New Garrabost, Point. Proposed by Stephen Ferguson and Susanne Erbida.

Jack Libby, 17 Lower Sandwick. Proposed by Susan Coleman and Steven Ferguson.

Anne Macaulay, Handa, 55 Upper Bayble, Point. Proposed by Sheila Maclennan and Dolina Macleod.

Alex K Macdonald, 32 Garrabost, Point. Proposed by William Maitland and Neil Macleod.

John N Macdonald, Moriah, 27 Upper Bayble, Point. Proposed by Angus Macleod and Ian Macrae.

Kenneth A Macdonald, 3 Upper Coll, Back. Proposed by Neil M Graham and Alasdair I Maclachlan.

Norman A Maciver, 2a Back. Proposed by Ian Murdo Macleod and Alasdair Maclean.

Alan Mackenzie, 9c Branahuie. Proposed by Angus Macmillan and William Macleod.

Edward Mackenzie, 2 Maclean Terrace, Stornoway. Proposed by John Macleod and Peter Dickie.

Andrew Maclennan, 10 Tong Park, Tong. Proposed by Michael John Maclennan and Barbara Kennedy

Donald Alexander Macleod, 9 Goathill Crescent, Stornoway. Proposed by Angus Maclennan and Donald Smith.

Hugh A Macleod, 11 Aird, Tong. Proposed by Michael Smith and Alex Tearse.

Callum Ian Macmillan, 8 Lewis Street, Stornoway. Proposed by George Banks and Norman Macleod.

John Morrison, 8 Lister Place, Stornoway. Proposed by Morris Macleod and Murdo Morrison.

Catriona Murray, 40 North Tolsta. Proposed by Anne Marie Henderson and John Macphail.

Alasdair Nicholson, 24 Back. Proposed by Callum M Campbell and Norman Macleod.

Donald Nicholson, 28a East Street, Sandwick. Proposed by Isabella Legge and Anne Mackenzie.

Election day is is Tuesday, March 27th.