Car donated to Bethesda by Point resident


MiKE shailes, of Sheshader, Point, has donated his MGB GT with sliding leather roof to Bethesda to help raise funds the hospice.

For many parting with such a lovely vehicle could cause some hart ache. But Mike, who moved to the island seven years ago, is just happy to see it go to a good home and raise funds for the local hospice.

“Bethesda has got a relevance for everyone on the island,” he said. “You move to a place like Lewis, the Hebrides in general, and everyone is so hospitable and friendly, it’s good to give something back.

“I’ve had my bit of fun, it’s time someone else did.”

Mike bought the car 12 years ago from a professional garage proprietor who had completely restored the motor to it’s former glory.

He had great fun driving it through the islands to his new home in Lewis and even used it for everyday transport a few years ago.

The vintage 1979 MGB is excellent condition and all the money raised will go towards the Bethesda hospice.

Asking price is offers £1,500, so if you fancy driving round in style, guilt free, contact Bethesda on 01851- 706222 for more information.