Car wing mirror damage and assaults

Over the limit

At around 8pm on December 31st a vehicle was stopped on Nicolson Road, Stornoway and a 39 year old male was processed for being over the legal alcohol limit.

He has been reported to the Procurator Fiscal.


On January 1st at around 2.30am on Shell Street, Stornoway police were called to a disturbance and as a result two males, one aged 43 and the other 42 were arrested for assault and will be reported to the Procurator Fiscal.


Between 9pm on December 31st and 4pm on Jan 1st on Perceval Road, Stornoway there was a report of damage to the wing mirror of a Volvo car, police are appealing for information.


At around 10.30pm on January 1st at an address in the Marybank area police were called to a disturbance, following inquiries a 29 year old male was arrested for Breach of the Peace.

He was subsequently arrested for an assault and breach of the peace which took place at a different address. He appeared at Stornoway Sheriff Court on Tuesday, January 5th.


Between 4pm on December 31st and 8am on January 2nd there was a theft from a boat moored at Keose pier. Two stainless steel extendable oars and orange lifebelt light were removed from the boat and police are appealing for any information.


A Ford transit van and another vehicle parked on Lewis Street, Stornoway had their wing mirrors damaged by vandals between 9.45pm on January 2nd and 1pm on January 3rd.

A Toyota vehicle also sustained damage to its wing mirror on the same street between 1am on January 3rd and midday on January 4th. Police are appealing for information.

Breach of Peace

Around 1am on January 4th police were called to a disturbance at an address in Balallan and arrested a 76 year old male for Breach of the Peace, he appeared at Stornoway Sheriff Court on January 5th.