Care report on Bethesda Hospice

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Healthcare Improvement Scotland today (Monday) published its report relating to an unannounced inspection visit to Bethesda Hospice, Stornoway. The inspection visit took place on June 2nd and June 3rd.

Bethesda Hospice is registered with Healthcare Improvement Scotland as an independent hospital providing hospice care. It is also a charitable organisation which provides specialist palliative care to people over the age of 18 years.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland was established in April 2011. Part of its role is to undertake inspections of independent healthcare services across Scotland.

The inspectors check that independent healthcare services are complying with necessary standards and regulations. They do this by carrying out assessments and inspections. These inspections may be announced or unannounced.

Based on the findings of this inspection, this service has been awarded the following grades:

Quality Theme 0 – Quality of information: 5 – Very good

Quality Theme 1 – Quality of care and support: 4 – Good

Quality Theme 2 – Quality of environment: 5 – Very good

Quality Theme 3 – Quality of staffing: 5 – Very good

Quality Theme 4 – Quality of management and leadership: 5 – Very good

The full inspection report and an improvement action plan developed Bethesda Nursing Home & Hospice to address the identified issues is available to view at:

Speaking of the report, Susan Brimelow, Chief Inspector, said: “This inspection has highlighted a number of areas where Bethesda Hospice is performing well.

“We found a dedicated and caring team of staff providing a high standard of care, treatment and support to patients and relatives.

“Staff praised a supportive working environment and demonstrated a good awareness of key policies and procedures.

“Patients and relatives spoke highly of the quality of care received and all areas of the hospice were clean, tidy and well maintained.

“However, we did identify areas where improvements are needed. These include the standard of record keeping in patient care records, improving the content of care plans and ensuring that bed rails are only used after a risk assessment has been completed.

“This inspection resulted in three requirements and 12 recommendations. Bethesda Nursing Home & Hospice must address these as a matter of priority. We will follow-up these concerns at future inspection to ensure improvements are made.”