Cash injection keeps Carloway Mill open

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Carloway Mill has been pulled back from the brink as chairman of the company Derek Reid revealed this morning (Friday) that the company has refinanced.

For the moment this safeguards 27 jobs at the mill, as well as weavers jobs, but the mill is up for sale and it is hoped a new owner can be secured before May.

Keen interest is already being shown, and the mill is fully operational, with orders from local and world-wide customers.

The Carloway Mill is smaller than the very progressive Harris Tweed Scotland and Harris Tweed Hebrides mills.

Carloway Mill has a highly skilled workforce using traditional machinery which is a delight to the many tourists who wish to see Harris Tweed production in a friendly, family atmosphere which takes the visitor back in time to flavour the language, tradition, customs and heritage of their forefathers.

The mill delivers a beautiful bespoke Harris Tweed in a myriad of colours and patterns.

Carloway continues to support the many independent single width weavers with yarn and finishing of the product, as well as the double width weavers.

Workers spokesperson Annie Macdonald said: “We were all clearly concerned about the possibility of closure, however we are now happier that money has been invested.

“Nevertheless, we are confident that we possess a unique set of skills and facilities here.

“We are hopeful that others will recognise this and realise that there is much to build and profit from the dedicated workforce here.

“We trust that someone somewhere will see this as an excellent opportunity for both the investor and the community.”