Ceòlas heading to Glasgow for Celtic Connections

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Ceòlas is heading for Glasgow for the Celtic Connections concert at the Old Fruitmarket on Saturday 1st February, a concert that will highlight all the best of the Ceòlas Ceilidh Mor and for 2014 and a hint of the EOST project that is coming to a close.

Cape Breton stars are Dwayne Côté, Howie MacDonald and Kimberley Fraser and they will also come to tutor at Ceòlas this summer.

Fiddle at Ceòlas 6-11th July will focus on the Cape Breton tradition. Kathleen MacInnes will sing along with all the other singers that have been involved in the EOST project: Gillebride MacMillan, Sineag MacIntyre, Linda MacLeod who went to Finland and Estonia. Pekka Huttu-Hiltunen from Finland and Brigitte Kloareg from Brittany, were delighted to be invited to perform.

A Ceòlas event without Pipers is unimaginable and Angus MacKenzie, Angus Nicolson, Fin Moore and Seonaidh MacIntyre will ensure the standard is held for Piping.

Ceòlas without its Lochaber connection of Allan & Ingrid Henderson would just be less fun. Boosting the Fiddle section is our own Anna Wendy Stevenson and Simon Bradley from the College in Benbecula. Jayne MacLeod from Ness in Lewis will show her Step-dance skills.

Ceòlas is working away on its ambitious project for a language and cultural centre in Uist and is pleased to announce a new post to bring the work forward being advertised.

The support of CNE-Siar, HIE and Bord Na Gaidhlig for this development is greatly appreciated.

The post is initially a six-month contract with a view to progressing things for the contract to be extended by eighteen months.

More information visit www.ceolas.co.uk.