Chance to Shine

The Volunteer Centre Western Isles (VCWI) is inviting people over the age of 50 to call into one of their offices during the first week of February and to try out a fun, interactive on- line system that will help them identify ways in which they might shine.

The SHINE quick quiz helps people to explore ways of getting more active and using their interests to make a positive contribution to both their own health and the health of the community at large.

“The aim of SHINE is to inspire you to do more of the things you enjoy and it is a fun way of taking a look at what might be of help to an individual,” explained Kirsty Macdonald, joint manager of the VCWI.

“Our staff are always keen to find ways to support and encourage people to get active and get involved in things that will give them satisfaction and a sense of self worth.

“Volunteering is an important way of doing this, and we have been working with the Living it Up project to look at other ways people might find their way into volunteering.

“By taking part in the quiz, you can see what might be of interest to you – and this might include volunteering, as well as other options.

“Many people enjoy doing one of those quizzes that tells them what they are good at, and this one has been developed just for people over 50 who are wanting to change their life in some positive way.”

SHINE is part of a pilot project called Living it Up, which is run by the NHS and is being trialled in four parts of Scotland over three years.

The project is in its final year in the Western Isles, and staff of the Volunteer Centre have been working closely with LiU project staff to help promote this innovative system.

Volunteer Centre offices will be open as usual in Northbay, Balivanich, Tarbert, Lionel and Stornoway in the week of the February 2nd to 6th and the public are invited to call in during opening hours to try out the SHINE system.

It only takes a short time to have a look at the website and then try out the quiz, and staff will be on hand to assist.

There is no obligation to undertake any commitments as a result of taking part, but VCWI staff hope that the activity will give useful feedback to participants and help offer some positive steps to follow up.

The Volunteer Centre is always there to support volunteer involving organisations and to help people find suitable volunteering. They can be contacted at

95, Cromwell Street, Stornoway. Tel 01851 700366

E mail: or check out: website