Charity textile bank stuffed full

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A resident has been tidying up after a textile bank in Bragar, which he says has not been emptied for more than six weeks, creating an ‘eye sore’, writes Jenny Kane.

The charity bank belongs to Nathan’s Waste Saves and raises money by recycling old textiles and clothes. Around half of the money raised goes to Diabetes Scotland.

The resident - who wished not to be named - described how people where driving by to drop of textiles but were unable to do so because the bank is full.

He also said that items have been left lying about and that he has been picking them up to keep the place tidy.

“It’s a shame that the bin isn’t being used,” he said. “If it’s going to be there at all it is as well being in a state to be used.”

Nathan’s Waste Savers said that their bins are usually emptied every one or two weeks, however it could be longer for those not needing emptied so often.

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