Cheers to Barra gin

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A new Island based drink has been launched on to the market and gin lovers everywhere can rejoice in yet another variety of their favourite tipple.

The Isle of Barra Distillers was established in 2016, the dream of wife and husband team Katie and Michael Morrison.

The expansive ocean surrounding the beautiful Isle of Barra has inspired the new gin ‘Barra Atlantic Gin’.

Katie and Michael have initially linked up with a London distillery to produce the first batch of Barra Atlantic Gin, with the main carrageen gathered from the shores of the island itself.

With positive steps, already being taken to establish the island’s first distillery, the company’s primary goal is to have this up and running as soon as possible.

The ambitious couple are confident of fulfilling their desire to give something back to the island and, in turn, for the community to feel proud of the Isle of Barra Distillers.

Michael said: “Above everything else that we can achieve from this journey, it is the thought of both giving something back to this beautiful island and also putting the Isle of Barra on the ‘gin map’ that drives us forward.

“We feel we owe it to the island and its people - we have opportunity to do something great and something great is what we are going to do.”

The key botanical in Barra Atlantic Gin is sourced naturally from the crystal clear, pure shallows surrounding the island.

Every piece of carrageen edible seaweed is meticulously selected and handpicked by the team to provide the distinctive flavour of our unique gin.

The carrageen - also known by its scientific name Chondrus Crispus - is a species of red algae native to the cool Atlantic waters skirting Europe’s rocky coastlines. Exceptionally rich in nutrients and antioxidants, Carrageen is quickly gaining a reputation as a superfood, not unlike kale, blueberries and omega-3s rich fish.

Barra gin is only available to buy direct from the Isle of Barra Distillers at: website