Cheese with that?

A budding entrepreneur has set up a Facebook page to convince their bank manager that there is sufficient demand for a Stornoway branch of sandwich chain, Subway.

The would-be business person, whose venture could create up to eight jobs, is hoping that the social networking site will provide the evidence required to obtain a £100,000 start up loan for the fledgling franchise business.

According to the Subway Stornoway page: “We are currently at the market research (and competitor analyses) stages of opening a subway franchise in Stornoway, Scotland. This Facebook page will hopefully give us an indication of the levels of interest among potential clientèle, the more interest generated in the venture the quicker premises can be secured.”

At the time of writing there was already over a 1,100 people liking the idea of a shop supplying freshly made sandwiches to order.

Meanwhile, the Subway Stornoway page has spawned a spoof Facebook site called Subway Balallan that is allegedly carrying out market research for its Subway outlet in Lochs.