Chief of Clan MacNeil backs Yes vote

Rory MacNeil of Barra, the 47th Chief of Clan MacNeil, has added his public backing to the Yes campaign saying it’s time for Scots to take control of their own economic future.

MacNeil of Barra, whose late father Iain gifted most of his land on Barra to the people of the island, said that a rare moment had come in Scotland’s history, when everyone in Scotland had the opportunity of choosing a better future.

Rory MacNeil of Barra, whose famous Kismuil Castle is now open to the public and the community, commented: “There is not much doubt about which way most people in Barra will be voting in this referendum. Support for Yes is strengthening, because 18 September is our chance in Scotland for people of all political traditions to choose a more democratic, prosperous, and fairer future for everyone in our country.

“Just as I believe islands like Barra benefit from decisions being made within the community, so I believe the same applies to Scotland as a whole.

“When MacNeils from around the world visit the MacNeil gathering in Barra, they are often surprised Scotland has not taken this step already. Being an independent country is a very normal thing for the rest of the world.

“I am not a member of any political party, and this is a decision every Scot will have to make for himself or herself. However, I will be helping out with the Yes campaign over the coming days and look forward to casting my vote for an independent Scotland.”

Western Isles MP Angus MacNeil, commented: “As a member of Clan MacNeil I welcome the news of even more support for the Yes campaign, particularly as Rory MacNeil of Barra is a much respected and admired Chief.

“He joins a growing number of people all over Scotland who have come to the decision that a Yes vote is the best thing for their families and communities as well as creating the opportunity for a fairer and more prosperous Scotland - he knows that we can achieve that with a Yes vote.”