Christian think tank: Scotland needs more faith schools

An influential Christian think tank headed by the Free Church of Scotland Moderator will today say that Scotland needs more faith schools.

Rev David Robertson, who is also director of the Dundee-based Solas Centre for Public Christianity, will call on the Scottish Government to “resist pressure” from secular groups who are seeking to ban remove all traces of Christianity from Scotland’s state schools.

Solas Centre for Public Christianity are holding an exhibition event at the Scottish Parliament today (Tuesday 23 June) following the recent launch of their new magazine.

Free Church Moderator Rev David Robertson is expected to say: “We are concerned at the increasing pressure on Scotland’s education system to move away from its Christian ethos and roots.

“Whilst other progressive nations such as England, the Netherlands and Sweden allow for a variety of education and faith schools, it appears that the Scottish system is seeking to be a one size fits all which increasingly marginalises Christianity.

“We call upon the Scottish Government to resist the continuing pressure from secularist groups who are seeking to remove Christianity from the State education system.

“We support the existing faith schools such as the Roman Catholic and Anglican schools and would encourage the government to develop and assist more faith schools.

“Scotland could lead the way by democratising our education system by allocating vouchers to parents to produce financial support for faith schools.

“A diversity of schools would create a healthy competition of ideas and outcomes and improve educational standards and the faith debate across the nation.”