Church of Scotland Lewis Presbytery vote against ministers in same-sex relationships

Lewis Presbytery of the Church of Scotland has voted unanimously against a proposal from the General Assembly of the Church that would have permitted people in same sex partnerships to become Ministers in the church.

The Presbytery has also advised the General Assembly that the proposal, or Overture, would mean that members who base their beliefs on the Bible may feel that their views were being excluded from the Church of Scotland.

The Presbytery warned that the Overture, which will be voted on by all the Presbyteries of the Church throughout Scotland, is in danger of causing further disunity in the Church.

A number of Ministers and members have already left the Church of Scotland over the issue.

The result of the votes of all the Presbyteries will be known in the New Year. The Presbytery has also asked Church members and adherents to continue in prayer for the Church.