Clan MacMillan International head to Benbecula for 2014 Homecoming Scotland

Clan MacMillan International will be holding a Hebridean Homecoming Gathering on the Isle of Benbecula.

The gathering will take place from the 23rd to 26th June, 2014, preceding Homecoming Scotland on the 28th to 30th June at Bannockburn, Stirlingshire.

This year marks the 19th Anniversary of the founding of Clan MacMillan’s ‘Community of the Tonsured Servant’ (CTS), by the late Rev. Canon A. Malcolm MacMillan, USA (1921-2008). Blanche McMillan of Canada has been Abbot of CTS since 1997. As of this gathering, a total of 131 have joined CTS in 6 countries.

The Outer Hebrides are home to many Macmillans; the earliest documented Macmillans in the Hebrides were all churchmen: John MacMoylane, Chaplain of St Oran’s, Iona, in 1542; Fingon Makmulane, who was the Rector of Benbecula in the same year, and later Dean of Mull (in 1573); and Donald Macmillan, Minister of The Uists in 1626 (when he was said to have been “a very auld man”).

The Chief of Clan MacMillan, George G. MacMillan of MacMillan and Knap, will be present. There will be people from Scotland, England, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. They will arrive at Lochmaddy on the evening of the 22nd June and will be touring many sites from Vatersay to the Callanish Standing Stones on Lewis, leaving on the morning of the 27th June.

For more information about Clan MacMillan, The Clan MacMillan International Centre, the Gathering in Benbecula, and The Community of the Tonsured Servant (CTS) go to the Clan MacMillan website. Any questions may be directed to Blanche McMillan at