Class of 88 Reunion

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Former pupils of Sgoil Lionacleit who made up the very first S1 in 1988 when the school opened, or joined S3 in 1990 from Daliburgh or Paible, are being invited to attend their first school reunion since they left over 23 years ago. The reunion is being planned to coincide with the Eilean Dorcha Festival (EDF) Festival which is taking place the weekend of 29 and 30 July.

The idea of organising a school reunion for their year group is not a new one as former pupil Mary Riddoch (nee MacLean) explained: “Over the years many of us have discussed getting together, and we had thought we might try and arrange something for the 20th anniversary but that year came and went without any plans being made.

“So we thought with this being the year that the majority of our school year turns 40 it would be as good a time as any. If we leave it any longer we won’t remember any names or faces!”

“We had planned to make the reunion in mid to late July as a lot of folk travel back to Uist for the games and shows and such like, but when we heard about plans for the Eilean Dorcha Festival we thought this would be the perfect time to arrange a get together.”

Joan MacDonald (nee Robertson) added: “We will have the reunion from 3-5pm on Saturday 30th July and the school theatre has been booked for the occasion.”

Another former pupil Jessie-Ann Mac Sween (nee MacAskill) who also now teaches at the school expanded: “We also want to invite teachers and other school staff that were there from 1988-1992.

“We will be formally inviting the senior teaching staff by letter in the coming months, but for anyone else that worked or taught there during this period that wants to join us, it’s an open invitation.”

A facebook event has been started to invite people and so at least 70 people have been made aware of the reunion plans.

The organisers want to make sure that no one gets left out. So if you recognise yourself or a family member or friend from the school photo below (taken in 1993) please tell them to get in touch via facebook:|link here} or you can email

Some pupils will have left school before this photo was taken, so if you have any school photos to share please email: Joan

If you were a member of staff at the school during this time please also get in touch with Mary by email.