Clean-up on A835 continues

Good progress continues to be made in removing debris from the carriageway of the A835 trunk road at Leckhelm that has been affected by the ongoing weather conditions.

The road will continue to operate under a convoy system at least on an hourly basis until the flood water begins to recede.

At Leckmelm Gardens the removal of debris is ongoing. The source of the debris appears to be an existing small watercourse which has been inundated with a huge volume of flood water.

At Leckmelm Farm, debris has been removed from the road and we are waiting for water to subside.

At Corrie Lodge debris removal is progressing well.

BEAR Scotland’s geotechnical engineer is also continuing to assess the forestry area where debris has fallen, although access is restricted due to dense undergrowth.

A BEAR Scotland spokesperson, said: “Whilst we are doing all that we can to clear the affected areas of debris as quickly as we can, weather conditions remain difficult with heavy rain. Water levels are showing no sign of receding.

“The convoy system allowing traffic through the sites will continue to be in place until water levels begin to recede. It is operating well.

“We thank motorists for their continued patience and we will issue a further update at 5pm tonight.”

The next sailing of the Stornoway Ferry is scheduled to depart at 18:15 and BEAR Scotland are continuing to engage with Calmac who have confirmed they are accommodating passengers by holding check-ins until as late as possible.