Closed call for Uist minister

Rev. Ewan Matheson.
Rev. Ewan Matheson.

The Western Isles Presbytery of the Free Church of Scotland agreed this week to moderate in a closed call to the Rev Ewan Matheson, minister of the North Uist congregation.

The request came from the congregation of the Lochs congregation in Lewis, who were unanimous in their decision to call Mr Matheson.

Mr Matheson (35) a former electrical engineer, became minister of the North Uist congregation three years ago after completing his studies at the Free Church College in Edinburgh. His wife Donna also comes from Lewis.

The presbytery will meet with the Lochs congregation in Crossbost Free Church on Wednesday, September 14, to moderate in the call.

Following a suggestion by the Rev Iver Martin of Stornoway the Presbytery agreed to invite Dr Alasdair Allan, the SNP MP for the Western Isles, to a meeting of the Presbytery to discuss the forthcoming Government consultation on same sex marriages.

In view of the Government paper on ‘Guideslines for Religious Observance in Schools’ the Presbytery decided to monitor the situation. The paper came before the last meeting of the Edcuation Committee of the Western Isles Council but was withdrawn to give officials and religious representatives on the Council time to carry out an equality assessment on the paper. The Presbytery are in favour of the status quo regarding religious education in schools in the Western Isles.