Coastal erosion raised at SNP conference

WESTERN Isles MSP, Alasdair Allan, spoke on Saturday at a meeting organised by Oxfam at the SNP Spring Conference in Glasgow to highlight the organisation’s work with the community to address the urgent problems around coastal erosion which the island faces.

The meeting was chaired by Head of Oxfam Scotland, Judith Robertson and had as its main speakers Environment Minister Stewart Stevenson and South Uist and Barra Councillor Donald Manford.

Dr Allan commented: “Oxfam were a welcome guest at the SNP’s conference this week, particularly as they were there to talk about their ongoing work to highlight the problems caused for people in Uist by coastal erosion.”

“I believe Oxfam’s involvement in Uist has been helpful, and they continue to help give a platform for the voice of local people on a range of issues in the community.

“Oxfam have found parallels between the predicament of coastal communities around the world, and the involvement of such a high profile international organisation helps to give new impetus to the on-going campaign for the action needed to ensure the safety and viability of many communities in South Uist.”