Coastguard recruitment film

A short film, produced to encourage more people to apply to the Coastguard Rescue Service has just been released.

‘To rescue’ shows a cliff rescue from the perspective of a person who has fallen down a cliff and documents the moment that the coastguard rescue officer arrives with the casualty and gets them to safety.

The film is the third in a series of short films entitled ‘To search. To rescue. To save’ giving a brief insight into the work of the Coastguard Rescue Service.

The films cover a search for a missing person, a cliff rescue and a water rescue and are all filmed from the perspective of the casualty.

The three films can all be viewed at: website

Coastguard rescue officers help rescue people trapped on the coast, be it on cliffs, stuck in mud or in the water and search for missing people.

They report and deal with pollution and other hazards and help emergency services and local authorities during emergencies, for example flooding.

Charlie Ball, Head of Coastal Operations said: “Coastguard Rescue Officers are at the frontline in the delivery of rescue response along all the UK’s coastline.

“If you want to join a dynamic and skilled search and rescue team we’ll ensure you get the training and the opportunities required.

All we ask in return is that you are situated within 20 minutes of the Coastguard base, and can be available to respond.”