College Prizegiving and Sapphire Anniversary

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Lews Castle College recently held their Further Education Course Prizegiving and welcomed the students who had received certificates and prizes to a special ceremony in the Foyer of the College in Stornoway.

Welcoming the students to the prizegiving, Principal Iain MacMillan said: This celebration gives staff, students, families and friends the opportunity to celebrate the success of our Further Education students.

College Principal Iain Macmillan welcomes the students to the prizegiving ceremony.

College Principal Iain Macmillan welcomes the students to the prizegiving ceremony.

“These events are always special, special for our students who showed the commitment to complete their courses, special for our staff and special for all of you who have come to celebrate the success of the students.”

This year also marks a special moment in the college’s history – the Sapphire Anniversary of its opening. Sixty-five years ago in August 1953, the first students enrolled at Lews Castle College.

The Official Opening was carried out by Sir Alex Douglas Home, who later went on to become the Prime Minister.

The motto of the college when it opened was ‘Muir is Tir’ [Land and Sea], which was a reflection of the courses offered at that time.

Mr MacMillan continued: “The opportunities provided for our community by Lews Castle, whilst retaining many of the courses offered at the beginning such as our Merchant Navy and Construction courses, has broadened to meet the changing needs of our community.

“The courses we offer now range from Gaelic, Engineering, Merchant Navy, Hairdressing, Computing, Care, Art and Hospitality.

“This range of courses has evolved to meet the changing needs of those of you completing your courses and those of our community.

“These needs change with time and sometimes take you back to courses, which were part of the offer in the early years such as the Tweed and Fashion Design courses - which we are re-introducing next session.

“The Tweed and Fashion courses are designed to build on the success of the Jewellery courses, which we have introduced recently and designed to support the growing local Crafts industry.

He concluded: “Anniversaries are times to celebrate, where you have come from, and Lews Castle College has come a long way from where it started in 1953.

“Anniversaries – such as the college’s Sapphire Anniversary and events such as this prizegiving are also times to plan where you are going next and all of us at Lews Castle

College UHI wish you all the best with your future studies and careers.”