Comhairle Launches E-Sgìre

This week sees the launch of E-Sgìre, the Comhairle’s new communities web site which will provide an additional link between the Comhairle and local communities.

The Comhairle has been developing the website over the last year with a view to complementing and improving its current community engagement.

E-Sgìre will be piloted with Community Councils and other community groups over the next four to six months or so and the main aim is to inform them and the wider community about the Comhairle’s services and activities that may be of interest to them, and most importantly, to also offer groups and individuals the opportunity to comment and feedback online on these activities and services.

E-Sgìre will be run by the Comhairle’s Editorial Team, representing a range of areas within the Comhairle. The key contacts are: Linda Cunningham, Corporate Policy Officer :; Fiona Knape, Performance Monitoring Officer:; and Alice McDonald, Modern Apprentice:

In the first few months, Linda, Fiona and Alice will be able to input information on the site for community councils and groups in their respective wards, on request, until such time as they feel comfortable about doing it themselves.

However, in the meantime, all members of the public can participate by registering onto E-Sgìre to post a comment.

The site link is at:

E-Sgìre’s e-mail address is: