Comhairle Leader says RET comments are ‘misguided’

Angus Campbell, Leader of Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, has invited Highland Councillor and SNP group transport spokesperson, Roy Pedersen, to see for himself the evidence of benefits of RET for commercial vehicles.

Cllr Pedersen recently commented that he feels “quite relaxed about removing [RET] from commercial vehicles” and that “the introduction of RET for commercial vehicles really had very little impact in terms of generating freight traffic to and from the isles or in terms of prices in the islands”.

In response, Cllr Campbell has said:

“Any suggestion that the introduction of RET has had very little impact in terms of freight traffic and prices is completely misguided and in direct contradiction to the facts. At a recent meeting with the Outer Hebrides Transport Group they showed the evidence that industry had indeed passed on the benefits from RET to consumers.

I would ask that Cllr Pedersen come to the islands and meet with the Outer Hebrides Transport Group in order that he can get a proper understanding of the positive impact that RET has had on homes and businesses across these islands, and of the very serious implications that surround its removal. It’s possible that he may feel less relaxed about the issue when confronted with the reality that face these islands if RET for commercials is removed. The thought of jobs being lost and a further rise in the cost of living leaves many in the Western Isles, including myself, feeling distinctly uncomfortable.”