Comhairle looking for suppliers of microwave meals

The Comhairle is looking for potential local suppliers to help provide microwave meals for the elderly.

It is holding a series of events for suppliers of pre prepared meals (frozen or chilled), freezer storage facilities and/ or delivery of meals to service users.

The idea of providing Community Meals to the elderly through a pre-prepared meals model was discussed by the council and approved in principle - is will be discussed again in September.

It is believed that moving to microwave meals will help the Comhairle make savings by reducing the care hours required for meal preparation - with the time saved reinvested in care provision.

Meals could be provided by existing mainland suppliers Apetito and Cordia - a haulage contract to bring ordered meals from the mainland would need to be put in place. Or they could be supplied by locally.

Events for potential local suppliers are being held in at 2pm on Tuesday 2nd July at the Council Offices, Sandwick Road, Stornoway; 3pm on Wednesday 3rd July at the Council Offices in Castlebay, Barra; and 10am Thursday 4th July at the Council Office in Balivanich, Uist.

Officers from the Comhairle’s Procurement, Environmental Health and Catering Sections will be there to answer questions or clarify any points.

This tendering process will be open to any supplier to participate in and will be published on the Public Contracts Scotland website in July.

An information sheet for potential suppliers has been published on the Public Contracts Scotland Portal.