Comhairle nan Eilean Siar Supports Road Safety Scotland’s Kids in the Car Initiative

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar is pleased to be supporting Road Safety Scotland’s “Kids in the Car” campaign.

The campaign, which is running for a few weeks, is geared up to encourage parents to be aware of the impact their driving behaviour has on even the youngest children. A driver under the age of 20 is killed or seriously injured on Scotland’s roads every week.

Cllr John Mackay, Chair of Transportation and Infrastructure at Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, said: “The message to all parents is very clear - every time you drive with your children, you’re giving them a lesson which could save their lives when they become drivers. By driving safely on every journey, you’re repeatedly teaching them to how to be safer drivers as adults. So by the time they do get behind the wheel of a car, safe driving will come naturally to them.”

Some tips for parents:

• Watch your speed - Set a safe example by adjusting your speed on country roads and in built-up areas, and when approaching corners or driving in poor weather conditions

• Drive calm - When we lose our temper, we lose concentration. Show your kids how to rise above it by being calm

• Make the car a no-phone zone - Switch your phone off whenever you’re in the car, and keep stressing to your kids that cars are always no-phone zones

• Give amber gambling the red light - One of the most important things your kids can learn is your attitude to traffic lights. Instil in them never to take the risk of going through the amber light for the sake of a few moments. And when you have to wait at a red light, don’t moan about it

• Belt-up - Even if you’re only going on the shortest of journeys, lay down the law that all passengers must wear a seat belt

• Focus – Always keep your attention on the road. Keep the kids occupied with car games, books or DVDs and plan long journeys in advance so you can time food and toilet breaks

• Be courteous - Be courteous to pedestrians and cyclists. The more your kids see positive behaviour towards other road users, the less likely they are to be involved in an accident involving other road users

• Arrive alive - Running late? Then be late. Rush hour is peak time for accidents, so leave plenty of time for your journey and don’t be a statistic

More information and advice for parents is available through the “Kids in the Car” website: