Comhairle respond to gritting concerns after bus accident

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Following last night’s bus accident, which bus operators say was caused by ice, the Comhairle have issued a response to the concerns about the lack of gritting.

A spokesperson said: “Thankfully there were no serious injuries in last night’s incident in which a bus went off the road. The Comhairle will not speculate as to the reasons for the accident. However, whilst the Comhairle was made aware of concerns about ice, forecasts and actual temperatures were at variance. On the specific issue of not gritting, although there was icing there was also rain due which would have meant gritting would have been ineffective. Conditions can clearly vary on a local basis and it can be difficult but decisions have to be made on the best information available at the time. As is good practice the Comhairle is reviewing the events and actions of last night.”