Comhairle to roll out Community Meals Service

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar is introducing the next phase of the pre-prepared frozen meal service in Lewis and Harris from April 2015.

The development of this service is on the basis of substituting the main meal preparation that service users currently receive. Service users will still be able to choose whether to have their main meal at lunchtime or tea time. If service users have been assessed as requiring assistance with breakfast, this will also continue.

A well-balanced and nutritious diet plays an essential part in maintaining strength and maximising good health. Even though energy needs decline through age, the requirement for essential nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, does not diminish. The Community Meals Service ensures that the meals provided contain the correct nutrients in the right balance and meet the nutritional criteria specified by the National Association of Care Catering.

A representative from the Social and Community Services department will contact service users to arrange a time to visit. They will have sample menus and information sheets and will also be able to answer any questions.

Cllr Uisdean Robertson, Chair of the Health and Social Care Committee, said, “The roll out of this meal service will re-distribute the time taken to prepare meals to enable other tasks and care time to be provided. We are committed to providing the best possible care for our older people, including providing tasty, nutritious meals. Feedback that I have received directly from those receiving community meals in the Uists has been extremely positive and complimentary of the service and quality of the meals.”

Macleans Bakery, the distributors of the community meals service, will be holding tasting sessions at various venues in Lewis and Harris for service users, carers, family member and members of the public who may wish to attend. Tasting sessions will take place as follows:

Tuesday 10th March 2015 at 3pm in the Council Offices, Stornoway

Tuesday 10th March 2015 at 7pm in Breasclete Community Centre.

Wednesday 11th March 2015 at 3pm in Borve, Clan MacQuarrie Hall

Wednesday 11th March 2015 at 7pm in Council Offices, Stornoway

Thursday 12th March 2015 at 3pm in Tarbert Community Centre

Thursday 12th March 2015 at 3pm in Balallan School.