Commerce groups to merge

The Outer Hebrides Commerce Group (OHCG) has agreed to assume the responsibilities of the islands’ Chamber of Commerce.

Their agreement to merge will be formally ratified at a meeting this week.

Chairman of the OHCG, Calum Campbell of Polybox Ltd said: “The OHCG is delighted to accept responsibility for issues which were previously addressed by the Chamber of Commerce. 

“Our Group emerged as a response to the iniquitous ferry fares regime which has been imposed on our island businesses and families. With another massive 50% increase due to be imposed next March,  we have certainly not lost sight of that issue. A further massive increase will result in hardship for many in our communities.”

He added: “Once this merger is completed,  the OHCG will address other matters affecting our business community. We are all looking forward to meeting with Chamber of Commerce representatives at the end of this week and formally signing the merger document.”