Committee examine croft reform

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To help address some of the challenges facing Scotland’s crofters, the Scottish Parliament’s Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee is to examine priorities for crofting law reform.

A significant amount of work has already been undertaken to identify improvements to crofting legislation, and the Committee will hear evidence from organisations representing crofters, crofting law experts and the Crofting Commission on action to help accelerate progress in this area.

Convener of the Committee, Edward Mountain MSP commented: “Crofting brings invaluable jobs, produce and income to our rural communities, and the Committee understands the Scottish Government will bring forward a crofting bill in the next few years. Detailed work has already identified issues which the proposed legislation might cover, and the Committee is working to complement this with a review of priorities.

Mr Mountain continued: “Crofting issues can be complex and often specific to a local area. The Committee wants to hear views from those with ‘frontline’ experience of the issues, and those who have a detailed knowledge of the law in this area. We have no desire to duplicate or go over old ground.

“Our objective is to identify the key priorities and establish whether there is any potential for delivering on some of these to quickly alleviate certain challenges.”

On completion of the review of priorities, the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee will write to the Scottish Government with recommendations for action.