Commonwealth War Graves Commission visit uninhabited Hebridean Island

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Ross Macleod, Back in the Day reporter, and Jenny Kane, Stornoway Gazette reporter, travelled to the Isle of Scarp yesterday (6th June) with a local crofter and members of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Alan Pateman-Jones, Director General of the Commission, and Iain Anderson, the Commission’s Scottish Regional Supervisor, were in the Western Isles this week visiting and maintaining war graves on the islands.



Crofter Murdo Maclennan helps to maintain the two World War One graves on the uninhabited island thoughout the year.

While on the Scarp they also erected a sign as part of the Commission’s project to identify sites containing war graves.

The Commission is seeking permission from local authorities to erect three thousand signs in the UK. The sign on Scarp is part of the first phase of the project.

Thank-you goes to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Murdo Maclennan and SeaTrek for the eye opening visit to Scarp.

For more on the project and the site on Scarp see next week’s Stornoway Gazette, out 13th June.