Community ownership Feasibility Study for Bays of Harris

The Bays of Harris Steering Group are about to commission a Feasibility Study to assess the viability of the community taking on ownership of the Bays of Harris Estate.

A number of consultants are being invited to tender for the contract. The successful candidate will be instructed to identify the economic, social and environmental potential of the estate and also to ensure any proposed new projects are focused on creating new business opportunities for the community, while not displacing or adversely impacting on existing jobs or businesses within the Bays of Harris Estate or other nearby communities.

The study is expected to be completed by the end of the year. A series of public meetings will be held in early 2015 to present the findings to residents of the estate.

Funding for the feasibility study has been provided by Highlands and Island Enterprise (HIE) and Investing in Ideas (part of the Big Lottery Fund).