Community roadshow arrives in the Western Isles

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Getting ready for all kinds of severe weather at home, on the move, in your community and in the workplace is easy and we can all do it.

That’s the message of a national roadshow – part of the Scottish Government’s Ready for Winter? campaign - which aims to encourage everyone across Scotland to ‘think ahead’ and be better prepared for all kinds of severe weather.

The roadshow will visit Tesco, Ferry Road, Stornoway, HS1 2QY on the 13th and 14th November.

The Scottish Government’s ‘Ready for Winter?’ campaign is being delivered in partnership with the British Red Cross and a range of public, private and voluntary sector partners.

The campaign aims to provide free information and advice on how to prepare and cope with severe weather including, snow, ice, heavy rain and high-winds. It seeks to;

- Remind individuals, communities and families of the risks and consequences of being under-prepared for the impact of severe weather

- Offer free information and advice on the simple steps that people; businesses and communities can take to reduce those risks

- Highlight the range of free information, support and resources available across all regions of Scotland

- Encourage as many people as possible to be ready for all kinds of severe this winter and beyond

The roadshow takes the form of a pop-up area that will visit supermarkets and local high street areas across the country, engaging with the public to help everyone be better prepared this winter.

The team will encourage the public to think about how they could be affected by severe weather this winter, to put in place simple plans and take some easy action that all together will help Scotland be more prepared.

Roadshow visitors can also take away a range of information, tips and advice on getting prepared.

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