Competition to find best Mod vlogger

MG ALBA (The Gaelic Media Service) has launched a new video competition to find the best Vlogger at the Royal National Mod 2016.

Vlog a’ Mhòid/Mod Vlog will be open to entries from anyone participating in the Mod in any way whether it be as a performer, TV viewer, radio listener, competition adjudicator or Mod supporter.

Suggested vlog subjects could include Mod preparation, such as reahearsals, travel, preparing to go on stage, receiving the marks, watching the programmes, ceilidhs, massed choirs or the journey home.

The competition starts on Tuesday 27 September, and will be open until Tuesday 25 October.

It will have two age categories, with prizes being awarded in the Under 18 and Adult categories. The prize for each category will be a Go-Pro camera.

All vlogs must be filmed on mobiles, be in Gaelic, the subject matter must be about the Mod and films should be no longer than three minutes duration.

Full details of the competition can be found on the MG ALBA website

Competitors can choose to make one vlog, separate vlogs or a series of vlogs.

In order to assist potential vloggers, Calum MacLean, of the BBC’s The Social has provided a Vlog Dos and Don’ts guide, which can also be viewed on the MG ALBA website.

The competition has the support of Mod organisers An Comunn Gaidhealach.

Iseabail Mactaggart, MG ALBA Director of Development and Partnerships said: “One of MG ALBA’s objectives is to encourage more people to create more of their own content, using Gaelic, on digital media. Gaelic is at the heart of the Mod, and the event is a great opportunity for a vlog competition. We are looking forward to seeing the vlogs, and to seeing them being shared as much as possible.”

Mòd 2016 will open in Stornoway on Friday 14 October and will come to a close with the Massed Choirs performance on Saturday 22 October.