Completion of Loch Carnan Community Windfarm


Six years on from the largest community land purchase in Scotland, the turbines of Loch Carnan Community Windfarm are now generating revenue for reinvestment in the islands of Benbecula, Eriskay and South Uist.

As one of the key development projects identified at the time of the buyout, the revenue from the windfarm will be pivotal to the regeneration activities that Stòras Uibhist was created to deliver.

Angus MacMillan, Chairman of Stòras Uibhist said, ‘In 2003 when community ownership was first proposed, there were some who thought that Stòras Uibhist was being over ambitious with the plans and vision for this community. However, the completion of Loch Carnan Windfarm, the largest wholly community owned windfarm in Scotland, is symbolic of what the people of these islands can achieve when they take their destiny in their own hands. This year will also see the start of work on the Lochboisdale port of entry project and on reinvesting the revenue from Loch Carnan. Stòras Uibhist has come a long way in the past ten years and the dedication and hard work of the staff and volunteer Directors who have contributed to this success should be recognised and applauded.’

Huw Francis, Chief Executive of Stòras Uibhist said: “Completion of the Loch Carnan Community Windfarm is a major milestone in the work of Stòras Uibhist. The revenue generated from this 6.9MW windfarm will be instrumental in regenerating these islands and clearly demonstrates the importance of community ownership for rural Scotland.”