Computer scam warning

Trading Standards Officers at the Comhairle are advising consumers to be aware of a computer repair scam.

Consumers in the Western Isles have been contacted by telephone by a company who state that that they have detected a serious problem in the consumer’s computer.

The caller sounds authoritative, and claims to be from Microsoft. Consumers are asked to log onto a website where the caller can remotely access their computer.

The consumer is also asked for their bank account details, and a payment is deducted for an expensive maintenance contract.

Trading Standards are advising consumers not to provide unknown callers with any information or personal details and not to allow remote access to their computers from unknown parties.

A spokesperson at the Comhairle said:

“Scammers are clever and will use various techniques to try and con you out of money. They will try and dupe you into believing that their offer is unique, and often you are contacted out of the blue and put under pressure to make a quick decision. In this instance, scammers are not only seeking to get your bank details but also to access your PC and potentially access passwords and online payment details.”