Conference for Isles’ contractors

Scottish Water’s Procurement & Supply Chain team is holding a “Market Day Conference” for Western Isles contractors in Stornoway on Monday 3rd March.

The event is part of a strategy to outline Scottish Water’s procurement process for rural contractors who can help deliver investment in the upcoming 2015-21 investment period.

The target audience is Western Isles-based contractors and specialist suppliers or service providers who seek an opportunity to support delivery of Scottish Water’s Infrastructure and Non-Infrastructure capital programme.

The event will take place from 2.30pm to 5.30pm on 3rd March 2014 at the Caladh Inn, James Street, Stornoway.

This includes organisations that can provide rural in-house delivery of projects by working closely with local Scottish Water teams and who can confidently perform investment work for communities in the Western Isles.

Lauren Strachan, Procurement Specialist, Scottish Water, said: “Presentations by Scottish Water at the Market Day Conference will focus on a number of different supply chain requirements as well as our corporate and customer requirements.

“We will provide a timeline for associated procurement activity so Western Isles contractors who are interested in taking part in the tender process know what to expect and when.

“This rural, highly localised tier of the supply chain will be designed to support and compliment existing strategic arrangements with the larger water and waste water alliance partners, who were recently announced.”