Control of geese in Isles

The geese need to be kept under control
The geese need to be kept under control

Efforts to reduce the greylag goose population of Lewis and Harris will recommence on 1 August with shooting occurring where previously agreed with the landowner and occupier.

The management pilot, now in its third year, has been developed by a local goose management group with support from Scottish Natural Heritage and the Scottish Government’s Rural Inspections and Payments Department.

Its aim is to minimise the agricultural damage being experienced by crofters and farmers, by establishing a more sustainable goose population. The planned shooting period will continue until 31st August 2016. after which we will review our progress.

Work will be undertaken by a team of experienced volunteer shooters, operating under licence and following established best practice methods. Our initial target is for an additional 700 geese to be shot this autumn, as we aim to deliver a significant population reduction by April 2017.

To achieve the support of the local crofting and farming community is needed and key to this is establishing areas where shooting can occur safely and effectively.

Organisers have written to landowners and grazings clerks on Lewis and Harris to request permission, but it is important that crofters or farmers who wish to see the scheme succeed help the hunters by providing access and information.