Council recommends pay rise for lower paid workers

A report to the Comhairle’s next Policy and Resources Committee recommends that the Comhairle pay the Living Wage exclusive of Distant Islands Allowance.

The report recommends that payment is made for the current financial year and would be backdated to 1 April 2014.

A further recommendation is that the Comhairle would commit to pay the Living Wage in future years by removing spinal column points below the level of the Living Wage, subject to an Equalities Impact Assessment.

The Comhairle has always paid a salary equivalent to the Living Wage when distant islands allowance is included.

However, in February the Comhairle agreed in principle to pay the living wage without taking account of Distant Islands Allowance.

Leader Angus Campbell said: “The Comhairle has always recognised the importance of paying the Living Wage to our lower paid employees particularly in the current economic climate and in an area with the highest levels of fuel poverty in Scotland.

“There are also benefits to the wider economy if people are paid a Living Wage. It is always a challenge dealing with issues such as this within reducing resources while trying to maintain employee numbers and services to the most vulnerable in our community”.

The intended move will apply to Comhairle employees on Grades A and B (Points 1 and 2).