Crazybrave self-right success

‘Crazybrave’ – the ocean rowing boat to be used by Niall Iain MacDonald in his New York to Stornoway North Atlantic Solo Row – was put through her paces with self-righting trials which took place in Stornoway harbour this morning (Monday, September 30th).

The trial involved the boat being tethered to one of the new pontoon pilings from the stern, with the other line going ashore to the pier – stopping ‘Crazybrave’ from drifting during the test. Two straps were then passed under the boat and a crane lifted the straps to tilt the boat over.

Niall Iain MacDonald prepares for the 'Crazybrave' self-righting trials. SGD25830

Niall Iain MacDonald prepares for the 'Crazybrave' self-righting trials. SGD25830

“Once she is almost upside down, the boat’s ballast should then cause her to self-right, with me inside the cabin,” said Niall Iain before the test.

And ‘Crazybrave’ and Niall Iain went belly-up and back again successfully twice this morning.

Said Niall Iain after: “This was an important test to make sure that the changes we have made to the boat (new oar stanchions, wind generator) didn’t affect her self-righting capability – and she passed with flying colours.

“Although I’m happy with how things went, it also reminds me about the challenge that lies ahead and the situations that I could possibly find myself in,” he continued.

“The boat is almost finished, just a few small jobs to complete, then I’ll be focused on finding the remaining funding that I still need.

Niall Iain added: “Many thanks to Iain MacIver * Sons for supplying the crane for the test, and all who helped out today, thanks!”

Our video shows the second trial – which went faster than the first.

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