Crichton welcomes Labour commitment to parents and children

Donald Crichton has welcomed the commitment made by Scottish Labour Leader Iain Gray that a Labour government led by him would improve support offered to parents and children.

The Western Isles Labour candidate for Holyrood said: “If elected helping the hard working families of the Western Isles will be my top priority. I will work to ensure that they enjoy the benefits of the family friendly policies of the next Laour Government. I welcome Iain Gray’s commitment to focus on the things that really matter, and nothing is more important than looking after young children and their parents.”

Labour’s manifesto recently published featured a commitment to a common package of support measures, prior to birth and until the age of three, including provision for expectant parents during pregnancy and additional support for young mothers. Labour also pledged to expand the existing network of family centres, starting with those communities with the highest levels of deprivation.

“The party also said they would work to improve the flexibility and number of hours of supported early education and care places that parents are offered and increasing the number of free early learning places for vulnerable two year olds.”

Iain Gray said: “If I am First Minister I will ensure that we immediately start work on improving support measures for parents and expand the network of family centres in Scotland. We will target resources effectively to help as many children and parents as possible. Labour will balance the budget but never do it on the back of working families.”