Crichton welcomes Labour jobs commitment

Western Isles Labour candidate in the forthcoming Holyrood election, Donald Crichton has welcomed the pledge by shadow Finance Secretary Andy Kerr that the first vacancies created by a Scottish Future Jobs Fund would be advertised within 100 days of Labour winning power in Scotland.

Shadow Finance Secretary Andy Kerr said: “Rising unemployment is the signal failure of four years of SNP Government. When John Swinney delivered his first budget, Scotland had the lowest rate of unemployment in the UK. Now, we have the highest. Labour will not support the SNP’s budget as it stands because we do not believe that it does enough to support and create jobs or provide young people with opportunities. My pledge is that if we win the election in May we will put this right.”

Mr Crichton said: “ Unemployment among our young people is rising and not least in our island communities. The employment opportunities for our young people are even harder compared to their mainland counterparts. But I am delighted that jobs and young people will be at the top of the agenda of the incoming Labour government in May. Jobs and the future prospects for our young people will certainly be at the top of my agenda as well if I am elected.”

He concluded: “The long term social and economic costs of youth unemployment are damaging to our communities and action needs to be taken now as the recession has hit young people particularly hard, pushing those with few qualifications ever further away from jobs.”