Update - concern over no face-mask scam

A report of a scam circulating locally was highlighted on Twitter yesterday (Thursday) morning by local commentators looking to alert the public, and particularly, the elderly.

The scam took the shape of a phone call with the scammer accusing people of not wearing face-masks.

The Tweet, highlighted: “Scam phone call tonight at 11.25pm claiming to be a police officer at Stornoway Police Station with reports of me not wearing a mask! Very aggressive and pushy, threatening manner. Worried for elderly or vulnerable who might end up terrified by these things.”

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Police Scotland were initially unaware of the incident as a complaint about the matter had not yet been reported to them.

However today (Friday), a spokesperson for Police Scotland updated the Gazette: “We received a report around 3pm on Thursday, July 16th, of a scam call where a person claimed to be a police officer and accused the person of not wearing a face mask.

“Officers are aware that other people in Stornoway have received similar calls and are urging anyone else who has received one to make them aware by contacting 101.

“The calls are not genuine and we are advising people not to give out any information and report the calls to police.

“Enquiries into the calls are ongoing.”

For more information on scam calls visit https://www.scotland.police.uk/keep-safe/personal-safety/shut-out-scammers