Criomagan à Sgoil Mhicneacail - Nicolson Notes

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The regular round up of news from Secondary School, The Nicolson Institute.


Boys in S6 recently held a very successful plant sale in the school. They had grown bedding plants and vegetables from seed in the school’s polytunnel, and watered them regularly.

Staff were then invited to the sale, and a total of £180 was raised to invest in next year’s enterprise activity.

The photo shows the successful gardeners.


The Nicolson Institute already offers a wide range of subjects in the senior school. Pupils are now being offered even more options, some introduced in collaboration with outside partners.

* This coming session S6 pupils can study Higher Psychology via an online course at Lews Castle College UHI, combined with support from a teacher based in the school.

* The Foundation Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care is now in its second year; several S6 students will be undertaking 10 hours weekly of placements in practical care settings.

Twelve S5 students have opted to begin the course in the coming session.

* A welcome return is German – the subject is being offered primarily at National 5 level, to S6 students who wish to acquire another language.

German is of course useful for anyone following such diverse careers as engineering or theology. Some students may be able to sit Higher German if they have a good level of aptitude for languages.

* A pilot project will be offered of some YASS (Young Applicants in Schools) courses through the Open University, as well as UHI modules.

Again, these are distance learning courses for S6 students, and provide good preparation for independent learning in the future.

It is hoped that modules on Scots law, bookkeeping and accounting and statistics can be offered. S6 students can combine these with work experience placements to prepare themselves for further study or training.


The Nicolson Institute football success story continues with the victory of the junior girls’ football team in the S1-S3 North of Scotland Cup.

They beat Mintlaw Academy 1-0. This is a fantastic achievement, even more so because eight of the girls involved are S1 pupils.

The photo shows the victorious team, celebrating with their new cup.


An t-seachdain a chaidh, fhuair buidheann de luchd-ionnsachaidh na Gàidhlig, air an dàrna bliadhna, cothrom a dhol air turas a Ghlaschu.

Bha iad an sàs ann an tachartasan agus cur-seachadan eadar-dhealaichte, co-cheangailte ris a’ Ghàidhlig, gus sealltainn dhaibh na cothroman a tha ri fhaotainn ma leanas iad air adhart leis a’ chànan.

Thadhal iad air Roinn na Gàidhlig ann an Oilthigh Ghlaschu far an do dh’ ionnsaich iad mu na cursaichean a tha iad a’ tabhann agus bha iad an sàs ann am bùth-obrach dràma còmhla ri Catriona Lexy Chaimbeul, am measg tòrr chùr-seachadan eile.

Thar na seachdaine, bha na sgoilearan air am bogadh sa chànan gus misneachd a thoirt dhaibh a bhith ga bruidhinn taobh a-muigh na sgoile.

‘S e turas air leth soirbheachail a bh’ ann agus bha e follaiseach gu robh iad a’ fàs na bu deòiniche a bhith ga bruidhinn mar a bha an t-seachdain a’ dol air adhart. Chaidh an turas a chur air dòigh le Sgoil Mhicneacail ann an com-pàirteachas le Comunn na Gàidhlig.

Last week, a group of S2 Gaelic Learners were given the opportunity to go on a trip to Glasgow. Throughout the week, they were involved in different events and activities connected to Gaelic, highlighting the opportunities that are available as they continue with Gaelic as a subject.

They visited the Gaelic Department at Glasgow University, where they learnt more about the courses on offer and they were also involved in a drama workshop with Catriona Lexy Campbell, along with many other activities.

The pupils were immersed in Gaelic throughout the week to increase their confidence in using the language out with school. It was a very successful trip which all pupils enjoyed thoroughly and it was evident by the end of the week that they had gained confidence in using the language.

The trip was organised by The Nicolson Institute in partnership with Comunn na Gàidhlig.


13 June

3G1 and 3S1 are on a week’s work experience

15 June

S5/S6 Sports’ Day – if weather is not suitable, it will be held on 16 June.

20, 21 June

Ceangal II (S6 only)

23 June

11am, Junior Prizegiving

24 June

11am, Senior Prizegiving

1.15pm, school closes for the summer holidays

15 August

Teachers return to school

18 August

Pupils return to school