Crofters meet with Stornoway Trust on windfarm plans

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Local crofters from across the Stornoway Trust Estate have been having their say on wind farm payments at a series of consultation meetings on the Scheme for Developmen proposals for The Stornoway Wind Farm. The meetings, which were chaired by representatives of Lewis Wind Power and The Stornoway Trust, were open to all crofters with grazing rights on land leased to Lewis Wind Power Ltd for the wind farm.

The meetings followed earlier consultation events in February, which saw a good turn-out at community halls across the Estate area. The second round of consultations asked crofters for their feedback on the Scheme for Development proposals, including the proposed payments.

John Buswell, Project Director for Lewis Wind Power said: “The Scheme for Development is an important process for agreeing payments to the local crofting community in as fair and equitable way as possible. The aim of this process is to ensure that the interests of crofters are recognised and dealt with correctly, so they receive fair rental payments from the Stornoway Wind Farm. Partnership has been at the heart of our proposals from the outset and we have been really pleased with the contributions we have received at all of the meetings.

“The local community stands to gain a great deal if this application goes through; not only will crofters directly benefit, but there will be community fund payments paid to a trust for the benefit of the local community and the Estate, along with the Trust having a significant stake in the wind farm itself.

“All of the comments we have received so far have been logged and we are encouraging crofters to continue to feed their comments into the consultation process.”

Any crofters who are unable to attend the meetings, but have questions about the project, can get in touch with the team on 01851 700024.